YEC-40 Battery Charger

YEC-40 Battery Charger

Charger that can charge the battery of your Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SMB and/or marine products.

*Contains unique battery charging technology. Fully automatic switch mode charger that analyses the state of the battery, charges and automatically switches to maintenance charging when ready
* Designed for safety: spark-free, protected from reverse polarity connections and short-circuit proof
* Light and compact; handy and easy to store
* Specially tested and approved by Yamaha service engineers to fit our range of motorcycles, scooters, ATV, SMB and other products
* Battery charge capacity: 1.2-90 Ah, maintenance capacity: 1.2-120 Ah
* Also separately available: 1) indicator plug with long cable (0,5m) and “traffic-light” style battery indicator 2) built-in panel plug with extra long cable (1,5m) to mount in the dashboard of your Yamaha 3)  Indicator panel 150, a combination of the indicator plug and built-in panel plug with 1,5m long cable.

Type: 8 step, fully automatic switch model with pulse maintenance
Dimensions: 168 x 65 x 38 mm
Weight: 0,6 kg
CE/TÜV/WVTA approved: CE